Offer Runway

May 26, 2010

Would you like to know how to pickup new escrows with very little work? We use a system called www.OfferRunway.com and there is a setting on each listing that an agent can choose to send the selling agents contact information to a title officer when a selling agent places an offer.

Imagine a selling agent placing an offer on a property for an agent working with you and they enter their offer online through www.OfferRunway.com

Now imagine that contact information of the selling agent coming directly to your email or Black Berry. This is now a hot offer without an escrow open. What would you do with that contact information for that selling agent? We have a title company pushing this system to other agents at no cost when it normally costs the agent $20/mth. Also there is an affiliate program that pays to a code when agents order this and a residual for as long as they use it. Interested? Pickup hot new escrows and get paid for the agent’s participation?

STEP 1: Adding a new property and scroll down to settings

STEP 2 (optional) setting for additional instructions to Buyer’s agent

STEP 3: This is the most important step. Require your listing agents to place your email in the setting below and check the box. This will send the buyer’s agent info the moment they place an offer directly to the email listed. This is best used for loan officers and escrow officers


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